Blog on leaf day respiration

Published on
July 11, 2022

Work by Liang Fang, a PhD student in CSA, was recently featured in the Global Plant Council Blog. He introduces a new simple method to indirectly estimate leaf day respiration (Rd) and highlights how the temperature response of leaf day respiration in wheat responded to contrasting water regimes and growth temperatures in his recent publication in Plant, Cell & Environment.

Respiration plays an essential role in maintaining primary metabolic and physiological functions of plants, and it determines the net carbon gain for plants and the carbon efflux for whole ecosystems. Due to the fact that Rd occurs simultaneously with other physiological processes, such as photosynthesis, photorespiration, reassimilation and photoinhibition, in the daytime, how to quantify leaf day respiration has long puzzled plant scientists. Techniques to quantify Rd have been implemented for decades, however, there is still debate about the best technique to quantify Rd