Farming Systems Ecology Group

Education of the Farming Systems Ecology Group

Our teaching activities are directed towards two main aspects of farming systems: analysis of problems in farming systems, and designing optimal durable farming systems. In the courses, fieldwork will go hand in hand with laboratory diagnosis and computer exercises. The Farming Systems Ecology group focuses on project-oriented teaching activities.

As result of a new focus, Biological Farming Systems was renamed Farming Systems Ecology with effect from 11 July 2012. As a result we have developed additional courses in our curriculum including Agroecology and Ecological design & permaculture.

MSc Programme Organic Agriculture

The ever increasing demand for organically produced foods requires new and different production systems. In order to create such sustainable organic production systems a fresh scientific approach is needed. Wageningen University has created a programme to train academic professionals who want to work in this field.


More information about the courses provided by our group can be obtained from the Study Handbook website.

Course Overview

Information for MSc thesis and internship candidates

There are ample opportunities for a thesis or internship at Farming Systems Ecology, in many parts of the world. Visit the pages 'MSc thesis subjects' and 'MSc thesis information' for more information and relevant downloads.