Alternatives for compost making in Northern Ghana


Kees van Veluw (FSE Wageningen UR)


The ELPG (Ekologische Landbouw Projecten Ghana, ELPG, see supports two small scale development projects based on organic agriculture in Northern Ghana. Compost making is very successful in Northern Ghana. It increases food security and strengthens the unity among the farmers (male and female) since composting is a group activity. However large groups of farmers hesitate to adopt composting. Reasons are that composting is very laborious and needs water. Therefore the question arises: can we develop together with farmers alternative, less laborious, ways of composting or even practical alternatives for composting.


The ELPG wants to answer the following research questions:

  1. Is labour the most determining factor to decide whether or not to make compost
  2. Can we together with farmers develop les laborious composting techniques
  3. What other soil fertility improving techniques are applicable for rural farmers?


  • Literature research on cultural and technical aspects of composting
  • Participatory interview techniques (such as Participatory Technology Development)
  • Fieldwork in Northern Ghana

Experiences gained

  • Fieldwork
  • Participatory research
  • Working with farmers (male and female)
  • Literature research
  • Report writing