The impact of Pure Graze® Saladebuffets© on milk yield and quality


Kees van Veluw (FSE Wageningen UR)
Ado Bloemendal (Pure Graze)


The Pure Graze® farming system “Natuurlijk werken©” is new. Its main characteristic is that it aims to maximise grazing, this in order to lower production costs while maximizing efficiency. Dairy herds for example, are calving in spring time and the increasing demand for quality roughage is delivered by the natural growing process of a diversified pasture, the so called Pure Graze Salad buffet. In this Buffet a mixture of 6 grasses, 8 herbs and 8 legumes are used. (see and In The Netherlands there are around 50 farmers (organic and conventional) who apply the Pure Graze method. There are Pure Graze, dairy-, lamb-, pig- and beefproducers.


  1. What is the production pattern and level of Pure Graze Salad buffets in practice?
  2. What is the milk yield pattern and level of some farms on this Salad Buffe
  3. Is the milk quality influenced by the Salad Buffet?


  • Measuring dry matter production and collecting milk production data on 10 farms during the pasture season (March – November
  • Linking dry matter production to milk productio
  • Comparing milk quality (F, P, MS, mineral- and vitamin content) of milk produced from Pure Graze Salad buffets with other types of milk

Experiences gained

  • collecting data
  • statistical analysis
  • literature research
  • report writing