FSE thesis ring

MSc thesis ring

As you may have heard FSE has its own thesis ring. The thesis ring is a peer review system for FSE thesis students supervised by a staff member. By participation in the thesis ring you will learn how to give/receive feedback, improve your writing and analysis skills, and learn more about the research projects of your fellow students at FSE. Moreover, participation in an enthusiastic groups of thesis ring students is fun!

How does it work?

Each week we meet on Monday 16:00-17:00 in meeting room “Air”, on the third floor of the Radix building, close to the coffee corner of phytopathology. Air is very close to the student room of FSE. During this meeting we will discuss (parts of) draft reports of students. To manage the workload we will not discuss more than two reports. The reports will be sent around on the Thursday before the meeting. This will allow everybody sufficient time to read the draft report(s) and be well prepared for the thesis ring meeting on the next Monday. The thesis ring will be chaired by Cor Langeveld (cor.langeveld@wur.nl) or Felix Bianchi (felix.bianchi@wur.nl). Cor and Felix will not read the reports, but will be able to add to the discussion. The meeting is structured by following a list of guiding questions, which can be found here.

How do I register?

Send an email to Merel Hofmeijer (merel.hofmeijer@wur.nl) and let her know you want to participate. She will add you name on the distribution list.

How can I submit my draft report?

Send an email to Merel Hofmeijer (merel.hofmeijer@wur.nl) with your draft report (in manuscript style) attached. Make sure that you include page and line numbers, and use double spacing. This will help others to make comments and refer to the lines that need to be discussed. Send your contribution no later than Thursday 16:00. Merel will then forward your draft report send to all participants.

How should I prepare a thesis ring meeting?

Critically read the draft report of your fellow student (sent on Thursday) and make annotations so that you remember your comments at the thesis ring meeting on Monday. Guidelines for giving and receiving feedback can be found here.

What are the rules?

The thesis ring only works when there is a critical mass of students to provide feedback and contribute to discussions. We know from experience that joining the thesis ring helps students improving their writing skills, and it has been valued by students in the past. Therefore, we expect that all students that are present in Wageningen will join. Students that do their fieldwork abroad can still join during the proposal development and writing phase in Wageningen. We will make sure that there is no ‘free riding’. That is, only students that regularly join meetings and invest in the quality of the reports of their fellow students can submit and receive feedback on their own report. We will not accept contributions of students that have not (or will not) provide feedback to others.