Photosynthesis phenotyping

The research of the Photosynthesis Phenotyping subgroup (dr. Elias Kaiser) addresses the following areas:

  1. the dynamics of photosynthesis under naturally fluctuating light intensities,
  2. new approaches to rapid phenotyping of functional traits,
  3. leaf photosynthesis acclimation and plant growth under different light spectra and under naturally fluctuating light intensities.

Our top 3 publications

Kaiser E, Morales A, Harbinson J. 2018. Fluctuating light takes crop photosynthesis on a rollercoaster ride. Plant Physiology 176, pp. 977-989 (link)

Zhang Y, Kaiser E, Marcelis LFM, Yang Q, Li T. 2020. Salt stress and fluctuating light have separate effects on photosynthetic acclimation, but interactively affect biomass. Plant, Cell and Environment 43, pp 2192-2206 (link)

Kaiser E, Ouzounis T, Giday H, Schipper R, Heuvelink E, Marcelis LFM. 2019. Adding blue to red supplemental light increases biomass and yield of greenhouse-grown tomatoes, but only to an optimum. Frontiers in Plant Science 9, 2002 (link)

Full list of publications: Research@WUR and Google Scholar