"Protected biological control"- Biological pest management in the greenhouse industry

Pilkington, L.J.; Messelink, G.J.; Lenteren, J.C. van; Mottee, K. Le


This paper briefly describes the foundations and characteristics of biological control in protected cropping and what drivers are behind adoption of this management system within this industry. Examining a brief history of biological control in greenhouses and what makes it a successful management strategy within the industry, the authors describe the rapid growth of biological control in parts of Europe and what this may mean for the industry in other parts of the world. The reaction of the greenhouse industry to several consumer led campaigns aimed at reducing the incidence of pesticides in the marketplace may be replicated in many other parts of the world. The size and robustness of the biological control industry in greenhouses, which is a reflection of the inherent characteristics of this industry that lends itself to biological control, is strong and growing with indications that this trend will be followed in many areas of the world