BSc and MSc thesis

We offer a broad range of BSc or MSc thesis projects, most of which are embedded in ongoing state-of-the-art research projects. For finding a thesis subject, please browse the current Research Projects. You can either directly contact the project responsible to discuss the options, or contact Fons Debets, our Education Coordinator, or Bas Zwaan, our Chair Holder.


Ensure you have sufficient background to start a thesis project. Specific requirements (e.g. mandatory courses) will depend on the study program that you follow. If Genetics is not on the pre-approved list of Chair Groups of your study, a standard e-mail to the Exam Committee requesting for approval is required. Our Education Coordinator can advise you if needed.

In general, basic knowledge of genetics and molecular methods, such as taught in:

Fundamentals of Genetics and Molecular Biology GEN-11806
Molecular and Evolutionary Ecology GEN-20306
Genetic Analysis Trends and Concepts GEN-30306

is recommended before starting a Genetics thesis. Other routes are possible, if in doubt, please contact the supervisor of your intended project, or Marjan Kampinga.