Thesis subject

C. elegans as a model for aging and disease

The nematode worm C. elegans is a standard model for studying human aging related disease pathways and gene networks. It was in C.elegans that the first single-gene mutations increasing lifespan three-fold were isolated.

The pathways identified also extend lifespan in other animals, including mammals (e.g.insulin signalling, caloric restriction). The student will be involved in studying the underlying mechanisms of aging and disease stress using advanced genetic tools like gene and expression-QTL mapping. Experimentation includes: gene expression profiling using microarrays, SNP analysis, lifespan analysis and, if required, targeted gene knock-down studies.


Period(s) in which subject is available: All periods



This thesis topic is well suited for students of the following Bachelor programmes:

BBI - Major A Cell and Molecular Biology

BBI - Major B Organismal Adaptation and Development

BBI - Major C Human and Animal health Biology



BPW - Major A Plant Genomics and Health  

BPW - Major B Plant Production and Ecology  



    Deadline for application for the project: 4 weeks



    Type of research project: Experimental work/data analysis