Thesis subject

The secrets of secretions in host-parasite interactions revealed

Helminth parasites live inside host plants and animals for a long time, seemingly untouchable by the immune system of the host. Inside their host these parasites bring about amazingly complex transformations in host cells.

These transformed host cells are so fundamentally different from normal cells that all alarm bells alerting for intruders in the host should go off. This doesn’t happen though as the parasites release molecules to suppress and/or evade host innate immunity. We want to develop molecular and cellular assays a) to determine whether proteins secreted by parasites indeed suppress innate immunity of the host, and b) to understand the molecular mechanism of immune suppression. The project will make use of cell death assays, proteomics, transcriptomics, gene silencing and overexpression analyses.


Period(s) in which subject is available: All periods



This thesis topic is well suited for students of the following Bachelor programmes:

BBI - Major A Cell and Molecular Biology

BBI - Major B Organismal Adaptation and Development



BPW - Major A Plant Genomics and Health



    Deadline for application for the project: Two weeks prior to start of a period



    Type of research project: Experimental work in molecular and cell biology