Cyatholaimus elongatus

Johannes Govertus de Man (1850-1930), the Dutch pioneer in Nematology, mainly works in his house in Yerseke (Zeeland). Although he described nematodes from all continents, he did not forget the nematodes from his near surrounding. In 1907 he published an article about nematodes which he had discovered along the coast of Zeeland, a province in the south-west of the Netherlands. A package with the original drawings and observations is still present.

The pictures show a part of the package-paper containing drawings and notes, with a description of the content of the package. You can also see the drawings of a new species, which he found near Veere, as well as remarks he wrote studying the nematodes and which formed the basis of his article. Nowadays, C. elongatus is placed in the genus Paracanthonchus; it is a common species along the North Sea coasts.

Picture shows punctuated cuticle of a Paracyathlaimus intermedius, a closely related species (picture made by Hanny van Megen - click to enlarge).

Compare the picture with the drawings from De Man (click on the pictures for an enlargement)