In his 1893 article Cinquième note De Man described several species from the North Sea and Channel. Some of these descriptions are additions in the sense that the nematodes have been described before by Bastian in 1865 and Eberth in 1863. A number of species, however, are new.

A part of the names, used by De Man, are still in use as Enoplolaimus vulgaris, Siphonolaimus niger, Thalassoalaimus tardus, Trefusia longicaudata and Triodontolaimus acutus. Some names have been changed. For example the genus Chromadora has been split. Chromadora poecilosoma moved to the new genus Neochromadora. Leptosomatum elongatum appeared to be identical with Leptosomatum bacillatum and Thoracostoma figuratum with Thoracostoma coronatum. The name Monohystera has been changed in Monhystera and Oncholaimus albidus has been placed in the genus Metoncholaimus. The genus name Spiliphera appeared to exist already. It is used for a beetle. The name has been changed into Spilophora. Spilophora has subsequently been split up by which Spilophora parva has been placed in the genus Atrochromadora. The genus Araeolaimus has been split in Araeolaimus and Araeolamoides, Araeolaimus microphthalmum is nowadays Araeolaimoides microphthalmus.