Thoracostoma figuratum

Thoracostoma figuratum, considered T. coronatum nowadays, is a large 8 mm long marine nematode which was found in 1892 near Tréfusis (France) by the Dutch pioneer J.G. de Man; one year later his description was published.

The picture (fig.1), shown here, is the original drawing of de Man and has probably been composed with a silver needle and sepia ink on board. Also he added some remarks for the printer which lack in the printed version. De Man’s work was usually printed abroad. According to his sister, in a letter to Schuurmans Stekhoven (» download letter pag 1 and pag 2), he was very afraid for loss of the package so, before sending them, he made copies on transparent paper (fig. 2).

In the course of time the Nematology Department has collected a number of drawings of de Man which we will make available on this site, together with the printed version. The original drawings are available for further study, they are kept at the Plant Protection Service in Wageningen.

(click on the picture for an enlargement)