Testimonial Dirk Vis

Published on
April 9, 2021

I performed my thesis research with dr. Ruud Wilbers during the first half of the academical year 2020/2021. During this time, the impact of the Covid19 pandemic was great. However, most of my research could continue with adherence to the Corona guidelines.

Dirk Vis2.jpg

During my MSc thesis I worked on glycoengineering a vaccine candidate against the cattle parasite Ostertagia ostertagi, which is related to one of the main research interests of my supervisor: building a production platform for helminth glycoproteins in Nicotiana benthamiana. It was a pleasure to work with dr. Ruud Wilbers: not only because of his expertise in the field of glycoengineering, but also because of his positive attitude!

The Laboratory of Nematology also has the reputation of being a very social chairgroup. And indeed, during my time at Nematology – even during the lockdown – there were many initiatives for social activities. If you want to combine your thesis research with fun social activities, you should consider doing your thesis at Nematology!