Testimonial Martijn Vlakveld

Published on
December 3, 2018

I liked it here so much during my bachelor thesis that I came back to do a master thesis here as well. This time around I worked on a different topic; I studied a protein excreted by an intestinal mouse parasite, Heligmosomoides polygyrus.

Martijn Vlakveld.png

Animal-parasitic nematodes are interesting because they often influence the immune system of the host to keep the worms from being expelled. I took a look at the role of one of the H. polygyrus excreted proteins in modulating the immune system.  During my stay here, I gained experience in working with mammalian cells, cloning, protein pulldowns, flow cytometry and some general molecular biology work. At Nematology they also provide thesis rings, in which students give feedback on each other’s work. There is a nice and friendly atmosphere at Nematology and the yearly Christmas lunch and summer BBQ are always events to look forward to.  I really enjoyed my time at Nematology, the people there are great. And after my thesis they helped me get an internship in Australia, where I will continue working with excreted helminth proteins. I can highly recommend doing a thesis at Nematology, but be quick about it because they tend to fill up quickly.