Testimonial Timo Jonker

Published on
November 27, 2019

During a practical of the course immunotechnology, I worked on a project of the Nematology group, namely a protein excreted by a nematode parasite (Brugia malayi) that is expected to influence the human immune system.

Timo Jonker.png

This project sparked my interest in nematology, so when I was looking for a MSc thesis I mailed my supervisor, and he was happy to provide me with a spot. I wanted to know more about B. malayi and immunomodulation, so I ended up working on the exact same topic as during the practical.

My supervisor helped me with starting up the project, but also gave me the opportunity to come up with my own research questions and approaches. This freedom allowed me to learn to perform independent research. I also got the chance to learn a wide variety of methods and techniques, which was a really big pro of the project.

The department of Nematology is a very nice place to do a thesis. From coffee breaks with way too much pie, to BBQing in the backyard of the professor, to trips to Utrecht to go climbing with your supervisors: it all adds to the pleasant environment. ‚Äč