Distance Learning - Laboratory of Phytopathology

For international students and professionals in the agro-sector we have developed distance learning modules on Plant Pathology & Entomology and Plant Breeding. We offer these modules together with Wageningen Academy.

Plant Pathology & Entomology:

Plant diseases can form a major threat to crops and ornamentals. Research on pathology & entomology can develop methodologies and strategies for durable plant control with a minimal negative impact on the environment. In this scientific field fundamental knowledge is gained about e.g. nematodes, viruses, plant pathogenic fungi, insects and the interaction with their host plants, bacteria and (a)biotic environmental factors.

Plant Breeding:

Plant Breeding plays an important role in the development of plant varieties for food, feed and industrial uses. New varieties have to meet current demands regarding yield, disease resistance, quality characteristics, salt or drought tolerance and suitability for sustainable plant production systems. Plant Breeding involves a variety of aspects, ranging from the molecular level to the population level and requires knowledge on the physiology, ecology and genetics of cultivated plants. The use of various molecular techniques contributes enormously to the rapid identification of genes for natural resistance and is essential for accelerating the selection process by markerassisted breeding.