PhD Training of the Laboratory of Phytopathology

The Laboratory of Phytopathology offers PhD training to talented scientists.

PhD students in the Laboratory of Phytopathology work on their research projects in the framework of the Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS). Besides their experimental research, PhD students also fulfil a training programme according to an individual Training and Supervision Plan (iTSP). The Graduate School EPS determines the criteria for the iTSP .

EPS offers its PhD students courses of various nature. Some provide background knowledge and practical experience on novel techniques, while others have a more theoretical character. In certain courses, the participants can have an oral or poster presentation, whereas others deal with writing or evaluating project proposals. In addition there are possibilities to follow general courses on the use of certain software, presentation techniques, scientific writing or project management. An overview of the courses currently offered and an agenda of seminars is available through this link.

A list of all PhD theses completed in the Laboratory Phytopathology since 1976 is available following this link, most of the theses from recent years are downloadable as PDF files. Alternatively you can find PhD thesis abstracts on the Wageningen dissertation abstract search engine.

More general information concerning PhD education at Wageningen University can be obtained by visiting the PhD candidates webpage.