Host resistance against Verticillium

In tomato, the Ve resistance locus has been identified that contains race 1 isolates of V. dahliae and V. albo-atrum. This resistance is mediated by the receptor-like protein (RLP) type resistance protein Ve1, a cell surface receptor that contains extracellular LRRs and that only has a short cytoplasmic region. We study diverse aspects of the functionality of Ve1 and the genetic requirements for Ve1-mediated resistance.

In addition, we are searching for novel sources of resistance in tomato and in Arabidopsis. We have identified several randomly tagged Arabidopsis mutants that display enhanced Verticillium resistance.


Wild-type Arabidopsis plants (left) and plants from two mutants (middle and right) after mock-inoculation (top row) or Verticillium inoculation (bottom row). The two mutants show significantly less symptoms of disease.