Internship (MSc & BSc)

Steps involved in doing an internship (BSc & Msc) at Wageningen University & Research Plant Breeding (PBR)

To find an internship topic

Select a company or institute where you want to do your internship. In case that you cannot find what you want and you like to know more about internship, please contact the internship coordinator of PBR: Dr. Anne-marie Wolters (, Tel: 0317-482838);

Make contact with the internship supervisor as indicated by the tip site for a discussion (in order to have more detailed information on the topic, time schedule ect.)

To sign the internship contract:

Fill in, together with your internship supervisor, the internship contract;

Send in your internship contract to (1) your supervisor and co-supervisor; (2) your study advisor; (3) internship coordinator (Anne-marie Wolters), (4) the secretariat of Plant Breeding (Letty Dijker).

To prepare the internship report and colloquium:

Perform your internship research in the lab of PBR under the supervision of your supervisor;

Prepare your internship. The title page of your internship should follow the instructions from the Relevant information while starting your Master Thesis / Internship section;

Perform the colloquium: you will be asked to do a colloquium, a presentation of about 30 minutes including discussions about your internship research. You internship supervisor will organize the date and place of this colloquium.

Have an exam on your internship report. Please be aware that the final mark of your internship will be evaluated according to the evaluation form.

To hand in the internship report:

Make three copies of your internship report ;

Hand in your internship report to (1) your supervisor and co-supervisor (seven days (or following the agreement with your supervisors) before the exam); (2) the secretary of Plant Breeding as a pdf file.

Relevant information while starting your Internship

Course guide

Internship contract

Layout of the internship report

Layout of the internship report

Cover page

This page contains the title of the report, the name of the author, and a date. It further usually contains the logo’s of Wageningen University & Research and the internship provider. Cover pages of the hosting organization can be used also.

Title page (right hand page)

This page contains again the title, optionally a subtitle. The title is followed by blocks with (a) data of the internship course (name, code, credits, and submission date), (b) data of the student (name including all initials, registration number, and study program code), (c) name, affiliation, and address of internship coordinator and (d) name, organization, and address of internship provider). Example pages are available.

Summary (start at right hand page)

This part is a summary of the internship. It includes information on the place where the internship is spent, the work done, and the most relevant parts of the reflection on the internship. The length is about one to two pages A4.

Table of contents (start at right hand page)

Information on the place where internship is spent

This section contains information on the country, the organisation, etc.

Description of the work performed during the internship

The basic structure of an MSc thesis can be used (Introduction – Literature – Materials and methods – Results – Discussion – Conclusion). When this lay-out does not fit other more appropriate layouts can be used also. If the hosting organization prescribes a specific layout, this should be followed. The length of this part is at least 20 pages.


The student has to reflect on the learning goals formulated before the start of the internship. The length of this part is about one to two pages. The reflection part can also be separated from the internship report.