Characterization of and genetic variation for tomato seed thermo-inhibition and thermo-dormancy

Geshnizjani, N.; Ghaderifar, Farshid; Willems, L.A.J.; Hilhorst, H.W.M.; Ligterink, W.


Exposing imbibed seeds to high temperatures may lead to either thermo-inhibition of germination or thermo-dormancy responses. In thermo-inhibition, seed germination is inhibited but quickly resumed when temperatures are lowered. Upon prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures, thermo-dormancy may be induced and seeds are not able to germinate even at optimal temperatures. In order to explore underlying physiological and molecular aspects of thermo-induced secondary dormancy, we have investigated the physiological responses of tomato seeds to elevated temperatures and the molecular mechanisms that could explain the performance of tomato seeds at elevated temperature