Visitors and people leaving the WSL lab in 2016

Paulo Carvalho Teixeira Vasconcelos
Guest PhD student

Paulo T.jpg

Tamar Rosilio-Brami
Guest researcher

Tamar Rosilio-Brami  Guest researcher.jpg

Maria Cecília Dias Costa
PhD student / Post-doc

Maria Cecilia.jpg

Han Xia
MSc student

Han Xia.jpg

Peter de Rooij
BSc student

Peter de Rooij BSc.jpg

Eef Jonkheer
MSc student

Eef Jonkheer MSc.jpg

Sjors van der Horst
Guest researcher

Sjors van der Horst Guest researcher.jpg

Axel Kuil
MSc student

Axel Kuil.jpg

Anne Benders
MSc student

Anne Benders.jpg

Ellen Maaskant
MSc student

Ellen Maaskant.jpg

Bing Bai
PhD student

Bing Bai.jpg

Judit Nadal
MSc student

Judit Nadal MSc.jpg

Janna Damen
BSc student

Janna Damen BSc.jpg

Savio Rodrigues
MSc student

Savio Rodrigues.jpg

Saadat Sarikhani Khorami
Guest PhD student

Saadat Sarikhani Khorami.jpg

Arzu Gizem Kirici
MSc student

Arzu Gizem Kirici.jpg

Juliette Silven
BSc student


Francisca Reyes Marquez


Kerly Fu
BSc student

Kerly Fu BSc.jpg

Dagmar van Nieuwpoort
Student assistant

Dagmar van Nieuwpoort Student assistant.jpg

Julio Maia
Guest post-doc

Julio Maia.jpg

Luc Bodinot

Luc Bodinot.jpg