Survey big data platform Global Yield Gap Atlas

Published on
November 20, 2020

Background of the organization

Wageningen University and Research has developed the Global Yield Gap Atlas ( The website provides detailed information on the actual production of farmers in a certain country, and the potential that can be achieved under optimal use of inputs and farm management. This big data platform is widely used with approximately 20,000 downloads across different sectors (Industry, Donors-Government, NGOs, Individual) in the last 5 years, for example to determine in which countries investments in agriculture pay off. Further development of the website requires more insight from the users to better understand how they use the website, for which application, and what can be improved. 

Research question

Aim of this project is to execute a digital survey among all users of the Global Yield Gap Atlas (GYGA). The objectives of the survey are to understand the past experience of existing GYGA users and to understand what the market wants from the development of GYGA. After your introduction to the Global Yield Gap Atlas, you will develop the survey questions and evaluate this in a pilot survey. The pilot results are utilised to design the main survey that will be sent to all thousands of users. The student will execute the entire process from designing the survey in survey monkey (or similar software), sending the survey out, collecting the results, and most importantly analysing the results and writing recommendations. This is a great project to work independently, get experience with online surveys, and contribute to the development of a big data platform.

Student profile

-       Eager to learn and enthusiastic

-       Affinity with online survey (or the desire to learn that)

-       Able to work independently, but also collaborate with the GYGA team.

-       Preferably Plant Sciences or Biology. 

-       MSc level 

-       Good command of English language


4-6 months, depending on availability and preferences of the student. Option to work part-time on the project. Start date as soon as possible. 


Not applicable. 


English, good understanding of Dutch is welcome. 

Information and Questions: 

Christiaan Biemond, Business development manager PSG / 06-28748893 (phone only during office hours)