About Consumer Technology and Product Use

The field of Consumer Technology and Product Use deals with the technological systems for the benefit of daily care in the household. To fulfil these needs households use materials and technology. The object of study is in the end, quality of everyday life in households.

Household strategies for the use of goods and services, consumption patterns and product use itself is studied. On one side the aim is to study and recognise product characteristics and conditions that improve the fitness for use of products and processes, and on the other side to identify human and material factors and procedures that enables sustainable consumption.

The research is multidisciplinary, often using both social and natural scientific concepts in the same study to answer the research questions. Characteristic is the 'users perspective', the interface between human beings and products (technology), behaviour and material infrastructure. Special attention is therefore paid to the development of methods to investigate the use of products and services. Analyses of activities and processes lead to a better body of knowledge on household strategies, which in turn is one of the foundations for the development of user and environmental friendly consumer products.