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Arie Oskam

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From 1971 to 2009 I worked at the Wageningen University and its predecessors with an appointment as full professor of ‘Agricultural Policy’ in 1993. The chair was extended in two steps to ‘Agricultural Economics and Rural Policy’. I spent sabbatical periods at US universities and in Brussels (European Commission). My research and teaching has been oriented on agricultural economics and policy, rural economics and policy and environmental & resource economics in relation to agriculture and rural areas; often using quantitative economic methods. From 1988-1993 I edited the European Review of Agricultural Economics (ERAE).
I have been the initiator and first director of the Mansholt Institute in 1994. From 1998 to 2003 I was (again) Scientific Director of Mansholt Graduate School, which joined in 2010 the Wageningen part of another graduate school under the name: Wageningen School of Social Sciences (WASS). I organised - or provided - several PhD-courses on specialised subjects to improve the research abilities of PhD researchers. Teaching regular students – including developing teaching material - and PhD supervision were central activities.

My policy research focused first on EU dairy policy (up to 1988) and then on environmental policy in relation to agriculture. Later I gradually shifted to a wider area of EU policies. I coordinated – together with Alison Burrell and later Gerrit Meester - professional courses on EU Policy for Agriculture, Food and Rural Areas. Several books resulted from these activities.

My Farewell Address of Wageningen University, see: 

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