Colloquia Dates

Below an overview of the BMO colloquia.

In case you would like to present on one of these days, please send the colloquium request form and the abstract to, at least 8 days in advance.

You can find the forms on the right side of this page.

Upcoming BMO final Thesis/Internship colloquia in 2022:


Monday, 4 July

Tuesday, 12 July

Wednesday, 20 July

Thursday, 28 July


Wednesday, 3 August

Friday, 12 August

Tuesday, 23 August

Monday, 29 August


Thursday, 8 September

Wednesday, 14 September

Tuesday, 20 September

Monday, 26 September


Monday, 3 October

Thursday, 13 October

Wednesday, 19 October

Friday, 28 October


Friday, 4 November

Tuesday, 15 November

Wednesday, 23 November

Monday, 28 November


Tuesday, 6 December

Wednesday, 14 December

Wednesday, 21 December