MSc thesis ring

The CPT section (COM, PHI and KTI) organises thesis rings for master students. A thesis ring consists of a small group of students getting together once a week during their thesis period. Students share their written work (both proposals and thesis reports) and discuss the quality of the work.

The aims of the thesis ring are to reflect on your own work and work of peer students and to learn more about research projects of fellow students at CPT. Equally important to giving and receiving feedback, is the social element of the thesis rings. The thesis rings have proven to be a safe place for students to share questions and personal and thesis-related challenges. Some responses from students:

  • ‘It is nice to be in touch with people who are experiencing the same thesis-related struggles, as it can be quite a lonely process sometimes.’
  • ‘There is always a fresh set of eyes to look at your progress and give input yourself did not think of.’
  • ‘The thesis ring really got me through this weird Corona time, nice to share your thoughts, feelings, experiences.’

A majority of CPT thesis students (around 67%) participates in the thesis rings, from a variety of study programmes (MOA, MID, MDR, MCI, MHS, MME).

How does it work?

You can participate in a thesis ring on voluntary basis: the CPT thesis ring is not obligatory. However if you decide to participate, you have to commit yourself to actively participate, provide feedback and join the weekly meetings.

We use a supportive online platform on Brightspace (you can enrol yourself). On this page you can find more background information about the thesis rings, including an application form that you can complete and send to Joanne Leerlooijer (, CPT education coordinator. You can also contact her if you have any questions about the thesis ring.