Exam Regulations

Rules regarding exams

Students may encounter physical problems making the regular exam due to dyslexia or r.s.i. In these cases a request for an alternative exam can be made by emailing your teacher at least four weeks before the exam. Your request should be accompanied by an official statement from a physician or student counselor from Wageningen UR.

Sometimes students are faced with double scheduled exams. If so, please inform the teacher of the course, who will decide whether or not we can provide a solution. Please mention the courses codes when contacting him/her.

Regulations during exams

In order to be well prepared for doing exams at our group, please read following regulations carefully:

  • Your exam lasts 3 hours. You will be notified when you have one hour, half an hour and ten minutes left   
  • Your student-registration card will be checked during the exam and we will ask you for your signature on the presentation list
  • It is not allowed to have anything on your table except your pen, something to eat or drink your dictionary and your student-registration-card
  • It is not allowed to have your mobile phone on your table or to use it as clock. Turn it off and put it in your bag
  • Only paper dictionaries are allowed. They will be checked. It is not allowed to share them
  • Only official scrap-paper is allowed, no other paper
  • If you have any questions, needs or urgencies: raise your hand, also when you need to visit the toilet.
  • You get 5 minutes as a maximum, possibly somebody will accompany you to the door of the toilet
  • The supervisors will walk around during the exam and will supervise intensively
  • When you have finished: You need to hand in the exam, your answers and all the scrap-paper
  • Any kind of fraud will be reported to the Examination Committee