MSc thesis documents CPT

Master students in various study programmes are eligible to do their thesis with CPT, including MCH, MDR, MID, MME, +and MOA. Students of other study programmes can also do their thesis with CPT, when prerequisites are met.

MSc Thesis ring
CPT organises thesis rings for master students. You can find more information here.

Below you can find the WUR Social Science thesis documents that are used by all students who do their thesis with CPT, including students of Life Science MSc programmes.

Thesis codes

  • CPT-81336 MSc thesis Strategic Communication (COM)
  • CPT-80436 MSc Thesis Philosophy (PHI)
  • CPT-80836 MSc thesis Knowledge, Technology and Innovation (KTI)


Important specifics for all students

  • Complete the contract in MS Word, print, collect signatures of the supervisor(s), and hand in a hard copy or pdf at the CPT secretariat.
  • If your thesis research includes field work in another country, please check whether you will be travelling to a risk area (yellow, orange or red). If this is the case, you have to complete a form and ask for permission. Find more information here.
  • A colloquium (presentation of final results) is compulsory, you can find more information about the CPT colloquia here
  • All Master theses are uploaded in the (public) online WUR Library. If a thesis should not be made publicly available, please inform the secretariat (

Master Social Science programmes and specialisations

Communication, Health and Life Sciences (MCH)

A. Master Communication and Innovation (MCI)
Supervision: COM/KTI (only)

B. Master Health and Society (MHS)
Supervision: COM/KTI

Important specifics for MCH students

  • Percentages for the assessment of MCH (both MCI and MHS) are fixed: research competence 30%, thesis report 60%, colloquium 5%, and oral defence 5%.
  • MCI students have two supervisors: a COM/KTI supervisor, and a co-supervisor from a life science chair group, relevant to the student’s domain of choice.
  • MCI students include the percentages of supervision (for example, 70%/30%) for the two supervisors in the thesis contract.

Development and Rural Innovation (MDR)

CPT-32806 Change, Inter-human Processes and Communication 
Supervision: COM/KTI

CPT-37806 Researching Socio-Technical Practices, Innovation and Responsible Futures
Supervision: KTI

International Development Studies (MID)

C. Inclusive Innovation, Communication and Development
Supervision: COM/KTI (only)

Management Economics and Consumer Studies (MME)

B. Consumer Studies
Supervision: COM/KTI

Master Life Science programmes

Organic Agriculture

B. Sustainable Food Systems
Supervision: KTI

Important specific for MOA students
Mandatory knowledge for doing a thesis (specialisation B) with KTI is: CPT-37806 Researching Socio-Technical Practices, Innovation and Responsible Future.

If your study programme is not in the list, or if you are interested in doing a thesis with the chair group Philosophy (PHI), please contact our thesis coordinator Joanne Leerlooijer (