Panel 14. Partnership brokering

During the CSSI 2020 conference, the Partnership Brokers Association (PBA) led a session that brought academics and practitioners together to explore the topic of partnership brokering in cross-sector collaboration. The session provided fruitful discussion around the definition, principles and roles of partnership brokers, their connection to different dimensions of “place,” partnership dynamics and partners mind-sets. We would like to build upon this experience in the CSSI 2022 event with a panel that explores lessons from the practical experiences of partnership brokers in seeking to support and enhance partnership resilience and promote transformation in focus areas that are related to either theme or place. In addition to sharing partnership broker perceptions on these issues, the panel session would afford the opportunity to inquire into the role that partnership brokers play in relation to partnerships that aim to address issues and challenges in relation to the resilience of partners, wider stakeholders and communities and the instigation of transformation in structures, systems and processes; look at key issues and challenges they have encountered in this regard, and how they have sought to address them; examine if and how they have sought to promote and embed these aspects in their work, and reflect on the key attributes, skills and competencies needed for this. The session may also consider the extent to which to which the work of partnership brokers has been enabling, has had little or no effect, or has been an impediment in relation to these issues.