Making Licensing of Content and Data Explicit with Semantics and Blockchain

Gatta, David; Hinteregger, Kilian; Fensel, Anna


Creation and reuse of content and data are on the rise. Tracing of who, when and how has created and modified content and data in an explicit manner becomes paramount for transparent, explainable, efficient and fair digital ecosystems. We specifically address a challenge that there is currently no uniform method to link data and content with licenses explicitly, immutably and in a traceable way (with authentication). Thus we have created a blockchain-based method which makes it possible to attach semantic licenses with data and content. Ethereum and the Data Licenses and Clearance Center - “DALICC”, a software framework for automated clearance of rights, are used as a bases for our prototype implementation for the license annotation (see: ). Particular care is taken to ensure that the solution remains generic. Its practical feasibility, such as compliance with requirements, particularly, authentication, affordable deployment and usage costs, is positively evaluated.