Academic and Professional Skills Training

The chair group ECS provides several courses focussed on the development of academic and professional competencies. Additionally the chair group provides modules in courses of other chair groups.

Modular Skills Training (mos, 2017-2018)

ECS-65100 Information Literacy

ECS-65600 Scientific Writing Skills

ECS-65700 Presentation Skills

ECS-67400 Video for Data Collection

ECS-66800 Personal Leadership and Effectiveness

ECS-65800 Intuitive Intelligence

ECS-66400 Stewardship for Responsible Innovation

ECS-67100 Supporting and Understanding Sustainability Transitions

ECS-65300 Negotiation Skills

ECS-65500 Argumentation Skills

ECS-66600 Academic Argumentation in Scientific Writing and Debate

ECS-65400 Intercultural Communication Skills

ECS-66900 Networking

ECS-66300 Management Skills

ECS-67300 Management skills in Theory and Practice

ECS-66100 Entrepreneurial Skills

ECS-66700 Pursuing and Realising Entrepreneurial Projects

ECS-66200 Consultancy Skills

ECS-65900 Career Development and Planning

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Academic courses

ECS-10301: Presentation Skills

ECS-52306: Didactic Skills

ECS-52901: Information Literacy

ECS-53301: Report Writing

ECS-58801: Communication Skills Development

ECS-59803: Intuitive Intelligence

ECS-60803: From Thesis to Ademic Journal Manuscript

Modules on competence development integrated in non-ECS courses

ECS teaches the basics of information literacy, report writing and presentation skills in almost all Wageningen bachelor study programmes. Some study programmes pay extra attention to working in (intercultural) groups and debating. Modules are taught as an integrated part of courses of other chair groups.