Teacher training

ECS offers students and graduates from Wageningen University several ways to enter the teaching profession.

Students from Wageningen University can enter the teaching profession within one of the following three educational sectors:

  1. Secondary education
  2. Senior secondary and higher vocational education and training (in Dutch these are called mbo and hbo respectively)
  3. Academic education

Students and graduates who want to orientate themselves on a job in education might consider following the Orientation program

Bachelor and Master students from programmes directly linked to secundary education subjects can follow the Minor Education (for Master students this is called the Educational Module) after which they are allowed to teach as a starting professional in havo/vwo 1+2+3 or vmbo-t. Students who aren't studying a bachelor program directly linked to secundary education can teach in mbo.

Only in Dutch

The courses of the Orientation Programme and the Minor Education are currently only taught in Dutch. A good command of Dutch is an entry requirement for the courses, because students spend two/three days a week on teaching practice at a Dutch or bilingual school. However, with sufficient interest, there will be an English variant of the Orientation program from the academic year 2017-2018, starting in period 5. For more information about the English variant, please contact Minny Kop.