Teaching and learning in changing and developing societies

Education is a key factor within development, both in developing countries and in transition countries of the former Eastern bloc. Its field is that of learning, but it should, at the same time, take into account economical, technological, political, social and cultural factors and adapt itself to their development. The underlying patterns of these factors condition the field of education, which, partly in response to inadequacies and inequalities, itself is in a process of continuous development.

ECS offers the course ECS-51806 Education in Developing and Changing Societies.  This course aims at supplying the participants, on an introductory level, with knowledge of and insight in the functioning of education within processes of development. The course focusses specifically on the complex relations between education and its socio-cultural, political, economical and technological context in order to determine the possibilities and limits within which education can exercise its influence on development.

The international setting of the course promotes discussion about the cultural background of knowledge and information exchange.