PhD-projects of the Education and Competence Studies Group

Within ECS, PhD-research is conducted which is aimed at understanding and improving education and competence development in Wageningen domains. Education is one of the pillars through which countries achieve sustainability, progress, and economic growth. Information, competence development, and learning are key requirements in this respect, as it enables individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizations to deal with (international) challenges.

This page covers information on current and completed PhD projects, as well as information on applying for a PhD at the Education and Competence Studies Group.

Completed PhD Projects (per year)





Professional development on innovation competence

of teaching staff in Ugandan universities (file)
George Wilson Kasule

Teaching and learning of interdisciplinary thinking in higher education in engineering (file)

Elsbeth Spelt


Analysing and promoting entrepreneurship in Iranian higher education: entrepreneurial attitudes, intentions and opportunity identification (file)

Saeid Karimi

Inquiry-based science teaching competence of pre-service primary teachers (file)

Ester Alaké-Tuenter

Innovations in hands-on simulations for competence development: authenticity and ownership of learning and their effects on student learning in secondary and higher vocational education (file)

Anne Khaled


Fostering argumentation-based computer-supported collaborative learning in higher education (file)

Omid Noroozi

Scripting intercultural computer-supported collaborative learning in higher education (file)

Vitaliy Popov


Comprehensive competence-based vocational education: the development and use of a curriculum analysis and improvement model (file)

Renate Wesselink


Open innovation competence: towards a competence profile for inter-organizational collaboration innovation teams (file)

Elise du Chatenier

Entrepreneurial competence in agriculture: characterization, identification, development and the role of the work environment (file)

Thomas Lans


Towards a competency profile for the role of instruction of agricultural extension professionals in Asfahan (file)

Mostafa Karbasioun


The combat for gender equality in education: rural livelihood pathways in the context of HIV/AIDS (file)

Doris Kakuru


Onderwijsconcepten en professionele ontwikkeling van leraren vanuit praktijktheoretisch perspectief (file)

Yvonne de Vries


CSCLearning? Participation, learning activities and knowledge construction in computer-supported collaborative learning in higher education (file)

Else Veldhuis-Diermanse