Applying for a PhD at the Education and Learning Sciences Group

A PhD project at ELS

Thank you for your interest in doing a PhD at the chair group of ELS. Various students from abroad have preceeded you.

ELS currently has over twenty individuals working on a PhD project, and like you, several others are planning or preparing to start a PhD project. On this page you will find information about the various topics ELS addresses in its research program as well as the requirements for applying for a PhD project.

Topics of PhD projects

The disciplinary background of ELS research is curriculum studies, learning psychology, teacher education, educational testing, human resource management and development, environmental studies, and international development.

ELS research targets a wide range of actors, such as students, teaching staff, learners from non-formal educational contexts, entrepreneurs, experts, researchers, and professionals dealing with learning and development.

The central theme of ELS research is competence development within the Wageningen University & Research domains of healthy food and the living environment. Within these domains, research topics addressed in ELS research include, but are not limited to:

ELS is currently especially interested in the following topics:

    Applying for a PhD project at ELS

    Wageningen University requires applicants for PhD projects to submit:

    1. A letter motivating your application;

    2. A preliminary research proposal including:

      • A problem definition
      • Theoretical framework, with up-to-date literature references
      • Research questions
      • Proposed methodology, which need to be linked to the research questions

      The research proposal should preferably be linked to applicant's country of origin, or should be of interest to research organizations in applicant's country of origin. The preliminary proposal must demonstrate that the applicant has the qualities necessary to enroll in a PhD program and to construct a research proposal of high scientific quality;

    3. A Curriculum vitae that should include information on the applicant's

      • Prior education
      • Research experience
      • Publication list
      • Proficiency in English;
    4. References from at least two supervisors/professors, with information regarding the applicant's performance on the Master’s program and the applicant's prospects for finishing a PhD project in the area of application;

    5. Information on funding. Possibilities for PhD candidates to acquire funding from Wageningen University is very limited. Unfortunately, ELS does not have funds to pay PhD candidates, nor does it have funds to cover any costs for travelling, living, or work. Candidates should, therefore, arrange their own funding to become a PhD candidate at ELS. Applicants who arrange their own funding have better chances of being accepted as a PhD candidate. Wageningen University‘s Graduate Schools nor ELS can assist in arranging funding sources.

    Please note that all required information needs to be written in correct English.

    Please feel invited to prepare the documentens as mentioned above. You may send the documents to Harm Biemans.

    We wish you good luck and look forward to receiving your application.