Instructions and contracts Thesis Education and Learning Sciences Group


Once it is clear what your topic will be, you are kindly requisted to fill in the thesis contract together with your supervisor and if possible, in consultation with your co-supervisor.

Once you have done this, please send a signed copy of your contract to your supervisor, your co-supervisor (if already known), and the study advisor of your study (if required to do so).

Thesis evaluation form

Your thesis will be evaluated with the use of a thesis evaluation form and MSc thesis assessment rubric.

Title page

An example of a title page of a final report can be found in the annex of the thesis contract.


After finalisation of your thesis project you will be asked to present the results in a colloquium. Please contact to make arrangements.

Final Report

We ask you to submit to following versions of your thesis report:

  1. 1 hard copy to your supervisor;
  2. 1 hard copy to your co-supervisor,
  3. 1 Pdf version to the secretariat of the chair group ( to be send to the Wageningen Library.