Boundary Crossing @ WUR: first animation launched

Published on
August 31, 2020

Boundary Crossing (BC) Competence is a key competence to respond to emerging global challenges and is therefore at the forefront of the educational vison of WUR. BC competence is the ability to recognize, seek, appreciate and utilize the tensions that may arise when different perspectives and positions come together.

To contribute to students’ BC competence development and to further improve and implement boundary crossing experiences in Wageningen University, a Comenius Leadership Fellow was granted by NRO for the three-year project: “Boundary crossing as modus operandi at Wageningen University” (2018-2021). Dean of Education Arnold Bregt is project leader. This Comenius project aims to (1) develop a conceptual foundation for the development of BC competence, (2) design and implement learning pathways, and (3) compile a BC toolbox for and with lecturers, course coordinators, and management. Dean of Education Arnold Bregt is projectleader. From ELS, Cassandra Tho, Judith Gulikers en Carla Oonk are contributing to the project.

Visualized relevance

This animation is a first visual product that aims to explain Boundary Crossing Competence, and the relevance for WUR students and graduates. It can be used by teachers and students to clarify the concept and aspire for meaningful collaboration and co-creation. The animation is based on a position paper. Knowledge clips, a library for learning and other tools for education and assessment are also in the works  as part of the project. View the animation here.

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