Boundary Crossing at WUR: update and new knowledge clips

Published on
May 20, 2021

In 2018 WUR was awarded an NWO Comenius leadership grant for its project ‘Boundary crossing as modus operandi at Wageningen University’. The project, about stimulating students’ competences to work together with others outside one’s own scientific domain, institute, culture or scientific context, is now entering its final project phase. ELS plays a role in the project via several project members, among them are Perry den Brok, Carla Oonk, Cassandra Tho, Judith Gulikers. In the project, a framework and tools for stimulating boundary crossing competence are being developed, and many educational programmes of WUR participate in the project. The project has developed a position paper, knowledge clips, a short movie, assessment rubric and regularly updates its findings via the 4TU.CEE Innovation Map. Recently a workshop on Boundary Crossing was held at WUR in which results and experiences were exchanged. Also, four new BC knowledge clips are now available.


In this blog you can find the latest update on the project with info on the recently organized workshop and new knowledge clips.

Boundary Crossing Knowledge Clips

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More information

More information on the BC project can be found on the 4TU.CEE Innovation Map.