The Program Development Committee suggests submissions on the following themes (this list is not exclusive; proposals on other relevant themes on Competence can also be submitted):

Competence-based strategy and management

  1. The (in)competent society
  2. Core competence of organizations
  3. Generic competency frameworks
  4. Competence and performance improvement
  5. Competence and sustainable development
  6. Competence assessment of trainees, employees and management
  7. Competence domains (entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation, transformation, etc.)
  8. Competence and talent development (training, workplace learning, personal development, etc.)
  9. Competence, expertise, capability and attributes
  10. Competence and the learning organization


Competence-based education

  1. National and international education policy agendas
  2. Competence frameworks of teachers (in elementary, secondary and higher education)
  3. Competence domains in higher education (services, health care, engineering, economy, etc.)
  4. Competence-based vocational and professional education strategies
  5. Competence domains in elementary education
  6. Competence profiling and modelling
  7. Competence assessment and measurement
  8. Competence and knowledge development
  9. Competence-based curricula
  10. Competence-based learning and instruction


Competence Domains as goal

  1. 21st century skills
  2. Problem solving competence
  3. Intuition as competence domain
  4. Mindfulness competence
  5. Transformational leadership competence
  6. Social competence
  7. Language competence
  8. Communicative competence
  9. Science and technology competence
  10. Competence for interdisciplinary teamwork

Other themes