MSc Colloquium of the Environmental Policy Group

The next MSc Colloquium is scheduled 14th of January at 14h in C71.

Presentation by: Sander de Kraker

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MSc Colloquium
Name Title (short) Time Supervisor(s) Room
Sander de Kraker Eco-agency: The self-efficacy, action logics and intentions of eco-village initiators 14th of January: 14.00-14.30 Bas van Vliet and Valentina Tassone C71


Purpose: This thesis aims to explore agency characteristics of eco-village initiators. Eco-villages are intentional communities, aimed to integrate ecological sustainability principles into construction and living experience. They are initiated through bottom-up organization by one or more individuals. Eco-villages can be viewed as inhabiting a sociotechnical niche aimed to provide an alternative to societal structures. The initiators are therefore regarded as agents of change. Agency characteristics of eco-village initiators have not been studied before, and may contribute to knowledge on pro-environmental behaviour.

Approach: This thesis proposes a conceptual framework in which initiator’s agency is divided into self-efficacy, intentions and action logics. Based on this framework, nine semi-structured, in-depth interviews with eco-village initiators were performed and analysed.

Results: This thesis suggests that interactions between an initiator and eco-village participants play a major role in agency, combined with a shared vision on how a sustainable community should look like. This is seen in self-efficacy, intentions and action logics. A key characteristic of initiator self-efficacy in this thesis appeared to be creating a sense of co-ownership and shared responsibility. Main intentions for developing and living in an eco-village were of a social- and sustainability-related nature. Post-conventional action logic propositions were favoured by initiators. This study suggests that the socially inclusive nature of this type of action logics can an explanation for the observed preference.

Keywords: personal agency, self-efficacy, intentions, action logics, eco-village, initiators, sustainability