Vacant Thesis Projects and Internships

Nice that you are interested in writing your thesis or internship with the Health and Society chair group.

We hold monthly information meetings on MSc Thesis writing and MSc Internships. Current vacancies for projects are also discussed during these thesis meetings. If you are in the ‘orientation phase’ please come to one of these meetings. For specific questions you can send an email to the education coordinator:

For BSc thesis projects (BGM) there is a central application procedure in January/February. Your study advisor will inform you about this.

Examples of completed thesis and internship projects:

  • Which factors influence patients’ physical activity? An analysis of the perspectives of hospitalized patients and health care professionals
  • Salutogenesis in Workplaces: the Relationship between Generalized Resistance Resources, Sense of Coherence, and Learning
  • The influence of the urban environment on loneliness among elderly
  • Life histories of students with disabilities at Wageningen University: a salutogenic perspective
  • Factors influencing children’s engagement in rabies post-exposure prophylaxis: a qualitative study among children and parents in Bajawa, East Nusa Tenggara
  • Directing food practices towards health from a Salutogenic perspective: Exploring food literacy, GRRs, and life experiences in people having and rearing children
  • Social Norms: Can we use them to promote healthy eating?
  • Salutogenic lives: stories of healthy eaters
  • A Patient‐Centered Approach in General Practice: Insights from professional-client interactions outside GP practice
  • Fight the bite. Facilitators and barriers towards acceptance of methods used to control disease transmission by the Aedes aegypti mosquito in Sint Eustatius
  • Gezondheid, hoe meten we dat? Gezondheidsindicatoren voor de Rotterdamse Smart City Planner
  • Sport, een ondergeschoven kindje? Kwalitatief onderzoek naar de betekenis van sport voor hiv verpleegkundigen in de behandeling van hiv
  • Midwives and nutrition commmucation with pregnant women: what is their perceived role and what resources do they need.
  • “With your head in the clouds, and your hands into the dirt.” - Experiences of participants of green rehabilitation initiatives in the Netherlands
  • A qualitative study of factors that influence the decision not to smoke among male senior high school students in Tasikmalaya-Jawa Barat Indonesia based on the theory of planned behavior

  • Gebruikersonderzoek GrowPad 1.0 - GrowPad: van realisatie naar optimalisatie (internship at de Uitvoeringsbrigade)
  • Werkzame elementen in sport- en beweeginterventies voor jeugd met een lage SES (internship at Kenniscentrum Sport)
  • Proces evaluatie L.O.V.E. Online. (internship at Soa Aids Nederland)
  • The effect of a school-based physical activity intervention involving High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on cognitive functioning in older adolescents: The Burn2Learn pilot randomized controlled trial (international internship at Priority Research Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition, University of Newcastle)