Research of the Health and Society Group

Our research group uses a holistic view to health, considering physical, social, mental and spiritual well-being. Health is created in everyday-life and arises from interaction between individual lifestyle, the social and physical environment.
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The Health and Society research program is built around the following areas:

  • the social environment of health, covering social relationships - e.g. households, family, friends- , social surroundings - e.g. neighbourhoods, schools, workplaces - and social institutions - e.g. cultural and religious institutions, economic and political systems;
    See e.g. Care-Physical Activity Initiatives in the Neighbourhood
  • the built and natural environment, covering the availability, design features and quality of houses and offices, playgrounds, sidewalks and landscapes; altogether referred to as the physical environment;
    See e.g. Green Initiatives in Cities for Elderly with Dementia and their Caretakers
  • lifestyle, as the result from interaction between individuals and their social and physical environment. With respect to the social side, perceived expectation, vicarious learning, norms and values guide individual choices. The construction of the built and natural environment influences the available choices as well as the ability to choose.
    See e.g. Unravelling Social Norm Influences on Health Behaviour

The themes we study concern eating practices, physical activity, workplace health, green environment and health, landscape, urban planning and health, and the ageing society. Our research involves a disciplinary, sociological and social psychological perspective as well as an applied, multi-disciplinary perspective, using insights from systems thinking and organizational development theory. Within our group, we apply a combination of research techniques. This mixed methodology concerns both the combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods as well as traditional and action research.

Completed projects