Effective elements in integral approaches to address overweight and obesity among vulnerable groups

Overweight and obesity are important public health problems. In the Netherlands, almost half of the adults are overweight. Vulnerable groups, e.g. people with a low socio-economic status or with a migration background, more often are overweight and more often do have other problems as well. An integral approach is needed to promote a healthy lifestyle. However, up to now, insight lacks into the effective elements of integral approaches to address overweight and obesity among vulnerable groups.

Therefore, the main research question addressed was: What are the effective elements in these strategies? Research methods included a scoping review of the literature, 4 focus groups with vulnerable groups (n=24), 12 group interviews with professionals (n=25), an expert meeting whtih professionals (n=26) and prioritization of possible research question for follow up research. An overview of the main effective elements in presented is the factsheet.

WUR, UvA, HAN, TU Delft, Radboudumc, Formupgrade,
Municipality of Arnhem and Sports Company, Center for Movement, NL Active, VSG, GGDs, RIVM / CGL, Mulier Institute, KCS and VSG jointly carry out the research and disseminate results.

Vicky Dellas - researcher

Dorine Collard - Mulier Instituut

Erik Beune - Amsterdam UMC