Role of Information and Knowledge in Green Urban Initiatives

This project is about the role of information, communication, expertise and knowledge in the realization of citizens' initiatives in a green urban environment.

In many places citizens take matters into their own hands to work on concrete solutions to societal challenges. It is a reflection of the trend towards an information and network society; a horizontally organized society characterized by spontaneous initiatives, various actors and connections and different information- and communication flows. In the realization of a citizens the initiators often connect with different people, organizations and institutions. In this study we analyse different types of capital (informational capital, social capital, human capital) and the manner in which the initiatives these different forms of capital are generated and used in realizing their initiative. The study will focus on the role of information in realizing green citizens' initiatives. Along with a learning network, the researchers will further explore different aspects and will in interacting with practice try to develop new knowledge on successful cooperation between citizens and local governments in the public domain.

Project team