Publications by the Special Chair Humanitarian Aid and Reconstruction

Researchers of the Special Special Chair Humanitarian Aid and Reconstruction publish in academic and professional journals, scientific and popular books, and conference proceedings, on a regular basis. This page gives an overview of recent scientific publications, as well as research briefs and occasional papers.

Books & Academic Articles

Research Briefs

Occasional Papers Series

Occasional Paper 14 Value Chain Development in Fragile Settings. Sabine Hiller, Dorothea Hilhorst, and Bart Weijs, 2015.

Occasional Paper 13 Navigating uncertainty: a mosaic of memories of local authorities in Bukavu. Fons van Overbeek, 2014.

Occasional Paper 12 Studying ‘the state’ in Bukavu: a system, an idea, and a process. Fons van Overbeek, 2014.

Occasional Paper 11 The Women’s Movement in South Kivu, DRC: A civil society analysis. Dorothea Hilhorst and Marie Rose Bashwira, 2014. (French version will follow/version française suivra)

Occasional Paper 10 Policy Review: International and Dutch policies in the field of socio-economic development in fragile settings. Anette Hoffmann, 2014.

Occasional Paper 09 Rethinking ‘entrepreneurship’ in fragile environments: Lessons learnt in Somali women’s enterprise, human security and inclusion. Holly Ritchie, 2014.

Occasional Paper 08 Shedding light on a blind spot: Incorporating labor constraints and labor productivity in the planning and evaluation of agricultural interventions. Timmo Gaasbeek and Roelof van Til, 2014. Separate download with excel files of annexes.

Occasional Paper 07 Land governance as an avenue for local state building in eastern DRC. Mathijs van Leeuwen and Gemma van der Haar, 2014. French version/version en français.

Occasional Paper 06 State and Non-State Institutions in Conflict-Affected Societies: who do people turn to for human security? Gemma van der Haar, 2013.

Occasional Paper 05 Including conflict-affected producers in agri-food chains: Honey Business in Northern Uganda. Sarah Drost, Diederik de Boer and Jeroen van Wijk, 2013.

Occasional Paper 04 From Gardens to Markets: a Madam Sara perspective. Talitha Stam, 2013.

Occasional Paper 03 Fond de commerce? Assistance aux victimes de violences sexuelles en République Démocratique du Congo. Nynke Douma et Dorothea Hilhorst, 2012.

Occasional Paper 02 Fond de Commerce? Sexual Violence Assistance in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Nynke Douma and Dorothea Hilhorst, 2012.

Occasional Paper 01 Human Security and Capacity in Fragile States: a scoping paper. Ian Christoplos and Dorothea Hilhorst, 2009.

Reports and Working Papers

SLRC Working Paper Surveying livelihoods service delivery and governance: baseline evidence from the Democratic Republic of Congo. C.W.J. de Milliano, A. Ferf, J. Oude Groeniger and M. Mashanda, 2015.

SLRC Research Report Rural road (re)construction, transport and rural livelihoods in South Kivu. Adriaan Ferf, Dorothea Hilhorst and Murhega Mashanda, 2014.

SLRC Working Paper Livelihoods, basic services and social protection in Democratic Republic of the Congo. Bart Weijs, 2012.

Peace, Security and Development Network Working Paper Multi-stakeholder processes, service delivery and state institutions. A theoretical framework. Mina Noor, Nynke Douma, Gemma van der Haar, Dorothea Hilhorst, Irna van der Molen, Nora Stel, 2010.