Courses of the Information Technology Group

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Overview of INF-courses
Code Name of the course Contact person
INF-20806 Toegepaste Informatiekunde Sjoukje Osinga
INF-21306 Data Management Gert Jan Hofstede
INF-22306 Programming in Python Maarten Zijp
INF-31306 Information Systems Bedir Tekinerdogan
INF-32306 Software Engineering Mark Kramer
INF-33806 Big Data Ioannis Athanasiadis
INF-50806 Agent-Based Modelling of Complex Adaptive Systems Gert Jan Hofstede
INF-51806 Modelling and Simulation of Complex Socio-Technical Systems Gert jan Hofstede
INF-65000 Computer Literacy Maarten Zijp
INF-65100 Project Planning and Organising Maarten Zijp
INF-33306 Linked Data Maarten Zijp
INF-22803 Intro to Data Structures and Algorithms for Health Maarten Zijp
Overview of courses with INF participation
Code Name of the course Contact person
MST-24806 Supply Chain Management Gert jan Hofstede
YSS-32806 Advanced Supply Chain Management Sjoukje Osinga
YSS-32306 Technology and Business Model Innovation Bedir Tekinerdogan
YSS-22306 Introduction to Management and Life Sciences Maarten Zijp
MST-31306 Advanced Business Strategy/Case Studies Management Bedir Tekinerdogan
HNE-52306 Quantified Self: Monitoring Dietary Behaviour Sjoukje Osinga
BIF-50806 Practical Computing for Biologists Mark Kramer
FTE-12803 Introduction Biosystems Engineering part 2 Mark Kramer
YEI-10303 Introduction Environmental Sciences CCI team
YNH-10302 Basic Skills for BVG-students CCI team
FPH-10306 Food Technology 1 CCI team
FTE-12303 Introduction Biosystems Engineering part 1 CCI Team
LAR-13809 Integrated Studio 1 CCI Team
WMR-12309 Orientation on International Land and Water Management CCI Team