INF-22306 Programming in Python

Profile of the course

Software plays an important role in many domains. Very often, scientists are writing or adapting computer programs to process or analyze their data and present their results in a suitable format (e.g. on the Internet). This course does not aim to produce professional programmers, but rather to build understanding of the underlying principles and equip future academics with basic skills to create computer programs for small-scale use. The same principles are needed for writing custom code in many simulation, modeling, and engineering tools.

The programming language Python serves a broad application domain ranging from short scripts to full-blown software systems (e.g. Google uses Python). The course gives an introduction to libraries of available components, and how to use these for building your own software.

Note: The course Programming in Python is offered in period one (afternoons) and in period two (mornings). In period 5 (mornings) we offer this course for a limited number of students of selected study programs.