INF-31806 Models for Ecological Systems

Profile of the course

In this advanced course you will learn (i) how to investigate models for their applicability to certain objectives, following Good Modelling Practices (GMP), and (ii) to understand the principles of modelling and model use, for continuous simulation models Modelling Content (MC)). The course modules cover the following topics:

  • How to investigate and use models conform GMP.
  • How to solve a course related type of case study problem with a complex model.
  • How to apply model analysis techniques on simplified versions of the complex models (mini-models).
  • How simulation models are developed.

The course is important for students who will have to use in a professional way complex continuous simulation models for decision support during their study or (later) in their work. This course is compulsory for students of Forest and Nature Conservation (MFN) with the specialisation Ecology and for students of Earth and Environment (MEE) with an Aquatic Ecology Track. The course is restricted optional for students of Geo-Information Science (MGI), Forest and Nature Conservation (MFN) (specialisation Management) and Climate Studies (MCL).