Thesis subject

Outdoor job coaching as a health-promoting intervention in workplaces


The majority of people spend most of their time at work, which can be an everyday resource contributing to our overall health and well-being. However, our jobs become more psychosocially demanding, and work-life boundaries become fuzzier, which challenges employees to cope with a continuously changing environment.

There is ample evidence suggesting that nature can be a restorative environment that supports the renewal of adaptive resources that employees have depleted while trying to meet everyday demands. Outdoor job coaches aim to support the workforce in strengthening their capacities and resources within and beyond the workplace to successfully cope with stressors. To examine what outdoor coaching entails and how it works (or not), students are challenged to use the context, process, outcome model (Fridrich et al., 2015).

Research questions:
1.What are the motives and practices of outdoor coaches, perceived barriers, and opportunities for clients and coaches (i.e., context)?
2.What does nature add, for instance, to the client-provider relationship in coaching (i.e., processes)?
3.What are possible proximate, intermediate and long-term outcomes of outdoor coaching for both clients and providers (i.e., outcomes)?

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Duration: 6 months
Language: Dutch/English

Start Date: Start 2021

Link to project: De natuur als behandelkamer voor volwassenen?

More information of the project on the website from New nature Coaching and Rewild yourself.